About Us

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2H Offshore is a global engineering contractor specialising in the design, structural analysis and integrity management of riser and conductor systems that are used in the drilling and production of offshore oil and gas. Our capability and experience spans all types of risers, from shallow water fixed platform conductors to drilling and production risers used in ultra-deepwater.

Having offices around the world, employing the most capable and experienced engineers and through the use of industry leading processes, we aim to provide the ‘best in class’ service to our customers.

Cutting Edge Engineering

2H has been at the forefront of riser technology development since its formation in 1993. We have led cutting edge industry research and have been responsible for the implementation of many advances in deepwater riser technology.

To meet the challenges of greater water depths, harsher environmental conditions, higher temperatures and pressures – as well as new platform arrangements – 2H Offshore provides independent design solutions utilising advanced design methodologies and processes.

We employ engineering design and analysis tools that are based on our in-house state-of-the-art software and computing resources – always of industry standard. Despite the high sophistication of our analysis capability, we also maintain a practical view when it comes to sound understanding of equipment, materials, installation drivers and operational needs of the customer.

Highly Qualified Team

2H employs highly qualified individuals from a variety of engineering disciplines, and we have a powerful commitment to training and continuous personal development. Our strong international management team, many of whom have been with 2H for over 10 years, has helped develop our dedicated and unified culture.

Global Service

Recognising the need to work closely with our clients, 2H now has offices in many of the major offshore oil centres of the world, including London, Aberdeen, Paris, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, Rio de Janeiro, Perth and Beijing.

Our offices are set up to enable seamless operation across all locations – efficiently sharing resources, capability and experience. This provides a common resource pool of over 180 engineers, which enables us to accommodate large projects and adapt quickly to changes in workload.

Our resources are further supported by the wide range of subsea expertise available within our sister companies that form the Acteon group.