Challenges in Shallow Water Riser Design for FPSOs Installed in Campos Basin

July 2013
R. Alvim - 2H, E. Ribeiro, E. Labanca - OGX, O.Veras - Insead

The selection of flexible riser configurations for production systems consisting of a turret moored Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel for shallow waters can be as challenging as for deep waters. OGX is currently developing the Waimea and the Waikiki fields in shallow waters in the Campos Basin, offshore Brazil, using the turret moored FPSO’s OSX-2 and OSX-3, respectively. Both fields are identical in relation to the quantity of flexible lines: up to 26 lines, including umbilicals and flexible risers, with outer diameters ranging from 4inch to 9inch. This paper describes the steps followed to determine feasible riser configurations. The main challenges are discussed while different configurations are compared and evaluated.

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