Riser monitoring data used for riser integrity assessment

Riser Monitoring & Integrity

Riser integrity engineering and monitoring system services to help understand asset condition, in-service behaviour and fitness-for-purpose.

The increasing challenges of deeper water, higher operating temperatures and pressures, and more diverse geographical locations has resulted in considerable evolution in riser system designs over recent years. There has also been a drive to improve reservoir recovery that has required extension of offshore design lives. Many cutting edge riser systems have been developed and are performing successfully, but the increasing demands have also brought to light a number of design concerns.

To ensure the on-going integrity of riser and conductor systems, we provide a range of specialist services to address day to day degradation, response and design anomalies, and failure incidents. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of riser system and well conductor response allows us to help clients reliably monitor and proactively manage the integrity of their assets to reduce the risk of failure and maximise operational life.

Key Services

  • Riser monitoring system design
  • Anomaly and incident engineering
  • Platform well integrity and life extension
  • Subsea wellhead system life extension and abandonment
  • Drilling riser management