unmanned conductor supported offshore platform

Conductor Supported Wellhead Platforms & CoSMOS

Low-cost, lightweight minimum facilities platforms with fast-track installation for early production, marginal field developments and expanding existing infrastructure.

Conductor Supported Wellhead Platforms

Conductor supported wellhead platforms (CSWPs) are a low-cost, fast-track alternative to traditional jackets. These platforms maximise structural efficiency by using the well conductors as the foundation and structural support for the topsides. This eliminates the need for a jacket, and simplifies the procurement and installation processes, enabling the use of more widely available, lower cost installation vessels.

With years of expertise in conductor design and marine dynamic analysis, we can help you design the most appropriate conductor supported platforms for your project and budget. Coupled with our experience in topsides layout and our extensive worldwide network of specialist facilities engineers, we can easily manage your project from concept design through to fabrication and installation.


The Conductor Supported Minimum Offshore Structure (CoSMOS) design is a trademarked CSWP solution. CoSMOS is ideally suited to shallow water and can be tailored to suit specific applications using pre-engineered components and installation methods together with bespoke system design. The system is modular and uses field proven technology to meet demand for in-country content and cost and schedule efficiencies.

The modular design allows drilling and tree installation to start during the design and fabrication process, shortening time to first oil or gas and reducing overall project costs. Installation can be conducted from a range of vessels but CoSMOS platforms are typically installed directly from the jack-up drilling unit, avoiding the need for a heavy lift vessel, further reducing cost and accelerating installation.

CoSMOS+ is a minimum facilities platform that offers the advantages of the shallow water CoSMOS design, but is specially designed for water depths of more than 70m, harsher environments and heavier topside payloads.

Platform Extensions & Wellbay Modules

Conductor supported platforms are often installed as stand-alone facilities, but they can also provide a convenient way of extending existing platforms. Installed alongside an existing platform, a CSWP can provide additional well slots and use the topsides facilities of the existing assets, minimising or eliminating the need for strengthening of the existing platform.

Wellbay modules typically used with mobile offshore production units (MOPUs) are often fabricated directly to the MOPU structure.  A conductor supported wellbay module gives the wells greater independence of the MOPU, so that the MOPU can be used for drilling elsewhere or changed out over the life of the field.

Key Services

Concept & FEED

  • Feasibility assessment and concept design
  • Preliminary platform analysis and engineering
  • Preliminary facilities engineering and functional requirements

Detailed Engineering & Design

  • Detailed structural design and analysis
  • Process and facilities engineering and design
  • Equipment specification and interface management
  • Conductor stability and strength analysis
  • Detailed component design and analysis
  • Pile foundation and drivability assessment
  • 3D modelling and simulations

Procurement & Logistics

  • Requisition preparation
  • Technical and commercial bid evaluation
  • QA/QC witnessing and support
  • PO management and expediting


  • Project management and execution services
  • On-site personnel for fabrication management including QA/QC
  • Technical support to expedite resolution of site technical queries
  • Load-out and transportation procedures
  • Inspection and test planning (FAT/EFAT/SIT)
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning


  • Transport and installation engineering, and analysis
  • Seafastening and grillage design
  • Tailored procedures to suit installation constraints and clearances
  • Development of lifting and skidding practices acceptable to contractor
  • Detailed installation procedures, schedules and budgets
  • Full conductor installation services
  • Offshore installation activity management

Transport & Installation Vessel Contracting

  • Vessel specification, review and selection
  • Vessel contracting and management

Integrity Management

  • Development of integrity management plans
  • Structural evaluation and recommendations


  • Review and validation of existing designs and installed systems
  • Structural evaluation and recommendations
  • Certified Verification Agent (CVA) – design, fabrication and installation

 Project Experience

  • Enquest – Tanjong Baram Wellhead Platform EPC(i)
  • Coastal – KBM Wellbay Module EPC
  • Dubai Petroleum – T-02 Freestanding Exploration Well Detailed Design and Life Extension
  • Perenco – Dissoni Nord DIF1 Minimal Facility Platform FEED and Detailed Design
  • Oxy Qatar – ISND Modular Conductor Supported Platform Concept Design and FEED
  • CNR – Olowi Gabon Conductor Supported Platform EPC(i)
  • Afren – Okoro 1 Minimum Facility Platform EPC(i)
  • Sonangol – Morsa West Angola Minimal Facility Platform EPC(i).